The three yous - past-you, present-you and future-you.

I saw this on reddit and thought it was too good not to write down as a gift to my future-self.

You should think about yourself as three different people - the past-you, the present-you and the future-you.

Be grateful and forgiving to the past-you. You should thank the past-you for doing things that have put you in the position you are in today. You should also be forgiving of the mistakes the past-you made, as you would forgive a good friend.

The present-you is where the magic lies. You can’t alter the past-you, but you get to shape the future-you. Do things as the present you that the future-you will be grateful for. Choosing between the couch and the TV? What will the future-you thank you for? Do that. Want to sit down and do some work on that side project you’ve been threatening to do for years or sit and veg? What will future-you thank present-you for? Do that. It’s easier doing a good turn for someone else.

When you become future-you remember to be grateful for past-you for all the good things past-you did. Past-you is pretty sweet. I like to picture past-you on a penny farthing.

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