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Removing the fear of shipping with automation.

I don’t like shipping personal work. Even writing this is hard. I think it’s a heady mix of fear of failure, change and being called out for the imposter that I am. Or it might just be my flare for the dramatic. Who knows? All I know is I can ship for other people all day long (this is good as that’s my job) but when it comes to doing projects for myself it’s always harder. It’s strange as I love making things. It’s the best.

I find adding a layer of automation between myself and the actual shipping helps. It’s took a long while for me to figure this out. For example: I now use a build process for this blog that removes me from actually hitting the publish button. It means I can just push this markdown file to a git repo and then some time during the night it will get published by a fearless build process. Magic. Then at some point next week WHEN I LEAST EXPECT IT I will tweet about it (without me doing anything and once I’ve forgotten about it). You may even have arrived here via that tweet.

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